Interest Rates are at 5 year highs, but what does it all mean?


If you’ve been keeping an eye out for mortgage rates, you’ve probably noticed the headlines that mortgage interest rates have hit the high for the last four years. It may sound like it’s a horrible news and all but in reality it’s all okay. Let us explain…. 30-Year Fixed Hits 4-Year High of 4.58% According […]

Getting a mortgage on a duplex?


The guidelines to get a mortgage on a multi-unit property are different than a single family residence, especially here in Los Angeles County. Let’s look at what the particulars are. Generally, and it depends on the lender, you will need 10% as a down payment at minimum. If the loan is a FHA it requires […]

How to save up for your own home


Many Americans these days are living at home with family as opposed to living out on their own. This is not necessarily a bad thing financially or responsibly but socially can be tough. Let’s talk about it and explain how we can help you get out there on your own! (Without paying crazy high rent). […]

Borrowing from your 401k or IRA for your Down Payment


Securing a down payment is usually the biggest hurdle for most people when it comes to buying a home or upgrading their current home. To help ease the burden of saving up a down payment, you can consider borrowing from retirement funds – 401k and IRA. Borrowing Against 401k for Down Payment How Much Can […]

What is a Gift Letter when it comes to mortgages?


We often get asked what a gift letter is and why is it necessary? Well this blog was created to help understand what a gift letter is and how it can help ease the loan approval process. Let’s dive it! As most people do in Los Angeles, we all have big plans to buy a […]


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